Daily Peak Performance

The straightest line between the status quo and your next level of leadership success.
A unique, proven approach for translating desired culture and goals into individual behavior on a daily basis.

Everything is @Stake

Your organization’s performance. Your culture. Your bottom line. The success of your company is predicated on your ability to align your people, remove their personal blocks, minimize communication gaps and integrate effective daily habits to quicken and smooth their paths to performance.
@Stake Performance’s custom coaching program and daily mindfulness and real-time 360 feedback app (i@ccel™) give you game-changing tools to take high potential individuals, experienced executives, teams, and organizations to the next level and stay there, engaged and retained.

Meeting Challenges Head On

Vector stagnationn
Organizations lack the expertise, time or objectivity to get their people to peak performance levels and keep them there.
Vector ineffic
Communication gaps, misalignment, and develop-ment blind spots create inefficiencies in how people work independently and in teams.
Vector limitations
Personal Limitations
A leader may have everything needed to succeed at the next level except something internal, on a personal level, that holds them back.
Vector turnover
When an organization’s culture, or it’s leaders, lack tools or awareness to appropriately develop key employees, there is avoidable attrition.

The Intuitive @Stake Methodology

Put the Right Pieces in Place

World-Class Coaching
Our 4-Step custom coaching process identifies and activates pivotal performance management factors, removes personal blocks, resolves dysfunctional team dynamics, creates organizational alignment, minimizes communication gaps and develops next-level thinking and skills.

Then Apply Them Daily

i@ccel™ Performance Accelerator App
As a stand-alone or digital extension of our custom programs, this 24/7 online tool provides continuous positive reinforcement of an individual’s thinking and behaviors with real-time 360 feedback and ongoing communication support to maximize aligned development while minimizing gaps.

The End Result

@Stake’s performance management programs help your people and teams perform to their greatest potential—in alignment with your business goals and each other—to break through to their next level.

Our Client Profile

From small businesses to corporations, @Stake Performance has successfully developed and implemented custom programs with companies that are committed to the growth of their teams and leaders.

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